Break’s Over: Back to Genealogy

During my freshman year at college, now half-a-lifetime ago, my dad received a family tree from his uncle and passed it along to me. I was fascinated and asked if there was more to our story. I had heard a plethora of stories as a youngster but, at that age, I genuinely believed most of it was ancient history. As for family trees, all we had were two pieces of thin yellow paper stuck inside our family Bible. Additionally, we owned a ton of family heirlooms lent little to the story as a whole. This is where my journey began and continues to this day. And now, I’m obsessed with this stuff, as most of us become once you dive in!

Last year, 2016, has been lambasted by many as one of the worst years ever. For me, it was a difficult road. There were a number of personal events that prevented me from accomplishing much in 2016. Unfortunately, one part of my life that took a tremendous hit was my genealogical research. I made a few discoveries but without the appropriate time to write about them, it felt as if they never occurred.

Gladly, 2016 is over! Most of what held me back last year has released its grip. I also have more freedom (meaning time) than last year. Work on new projects that I intended to start in 2016 can begin. I am thrilled that I can get back to research and writing the way I want it done. Half-ass measures just will not do, especially when it comes to my ancestors. They deserve better. Well, most of them do. 😉

In the coming months, I intend to add to this site. Additionally, I have a video or two that I want to produce. Documenting history only goes so far on paper. Sometimes, you have to see, and even feel, the documents and photographs you are researching. There are far too many resources that our modern age provides to go unused.

So break’s over. Time to get back to research and writing!

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