Where is the 1855 New York Census?

I haven’t had the opportunity to publish yet although I’ve written a few posts that are sitting as drafts.

Weeks ago, I became excited that the 1855 New York State Census had not only been completely indexed but it was 100 percent arbitrated as well.  Familysearch’s indexers and arbitrators volunteer their time to make sure the information in each collection they index is accurate.  Thanks to them, many others can watch their family trees grow.  Usually, according to the site itself, it takes 10-14 days for the completely indexed volume to appear for public use.  The 1855 NYS Census is still missing in action.

Where is it?  Did it go back to arbitration?  Were there serious errors when it was indexed?  Is it still being uploaded to the system?  Does an arbitrator know what happened to it?

Strangely, I have seen very little in terms of interest in its whereabouts.  The 1855 census is absolutely crucial to some of my research.  I’d love to know if anyone has a clue when they are releasing it digitally?

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