Merry Christmas from the Northern Kingdom of the New Tagg

taggkingdomgifInevitably when searching for your family’s past, it will become apparent what you are ethnically.  Even if you don’t see life as colors and creeds, genealogy will amplify these historical traits.  We are all humans, with the same genetics.  But over time, our creation of ethnic groups has diversified our chromosomal makeup.  Never is this more obvious when you begin researching your wife or partner’s family tree.  In my case, it’s for Baby Tagg that will arrive next year.

I’m somewhat of a Euro-American mess.  Colonial English, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch, Flemish and German immigrants on my father’s side.  Scot-Irish and Italian on my mother’s.  As for my wife, she’s first generation Irish on her mother’s side and Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Polish on her dad’s.  Suffice it to say, Baby Tagg will be using SPF 5000 on the beach.  Aside from the Italian, this kid will be devoid of any skin tone.  George Carlin once said about himself that he had “phosphorescent Irish skin.  You see us glowing at the beach.”

With that said and my inability to segway, I have an unhealthy obsession with maps.  I enjoy looking at maps and making them.  And I really never got a sense of how northern European this child would be until I created this map.  The map is simple.  I’m the orange countries and Wifey’s the green countries.  All told, there are 12-14 “nations,” depending on how you count them.  A more honest

depiction of the genetics and ethnicities I will make at a future time.  This sort of grand kingdom map can give you a realization of just how vast your heritage stretches around the globe.  Find a blank map and start coloring.

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